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Now – with Resurrection celebrated, Pentecost experienced, we head into “Ordinary Time”. There is something about this trajectory that is important – in order to live faithfully, joyfully, fruitfully, peacefully in the ordinary circumstances of life – challenges at home and work, the work of our own spiritual growth, what it means to be healthy in every sense of the word – we need the presence of the Risen Christ! It is his Spirit alive in us that keeps us focused. For the summer months we are heading into the lectionary, with a major emphasis coming from the Gospel of Mark.

Our worship at First UMC Burlington attempts to find the balance between the power of ancient liturgies and the realities of life in the 21st century. The Bible is our backdrop, the living canvass on which we strive to paint the pictures and stories of our lives. Jesus taught some of the most complex spiritual lessons with the simplest of stories. And what could be more simple than the command to love our neighbor? We invite you to join us for worship Sunday mornings at 9:45. Check out our Facebook Page and, for info regarding what’s going in the parish, go to our First UMC Burlington Community and ask to join – the group and the discussion.