The Timothy Society


1 Timothy 4:12

The Timothy Society is a new community created by the youth at First United Methodist Church. At each gathering we look at our lives through the lens of the virtues that we need to employ in order to be modeling our lives as students of The Way of Jesus. Each month we will unpack a different virtue, like compassion, trust, perseverance, orresponsibility, and we will consider different ways that our daily lives rely on our mastery of each virtue. Using movie clips, stories, and personal witness, we will encourage and be an example for one another.

All youth in 6th – 12th grades are welcome to join us.

We meet primarily on Sunday afternoons from 4:30 – 6:00PM at First United Methodist Church, 21 Buell Street, Burlington, VT.

At each gathering we will have some time for games, presentation, and dividing of the group so that there is time for older and younger youth to explore the topics in their own way either through discussion or activity.
Join us!


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