It’s complicated. No. Not really.

Here is our philosophy:

  • Life is an adventure, and it’s meant to be experienced abundantly.
  • “Knowing” and “Believing” (Reason and Faith) are two prongs of the same process, the goal of which is growing in our experience of truth – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical.
  • Without always being conscious of it, we employ a Hegelian dialectical process of Thesis; Antithesis; Synthesis combined with a Socratic use of dialogue tempered by the “If it works, do it” approach – that’s how we get things done. Or … put another way …
  • Jesus teaches us. We explore his teachings and try to put them into practice. Then, we evaluate our beliefs and our practice. Did we hear correctly? Did we respond faithfully? Are we living fruitfully?

We would be pleased if you would come help us hear what the Spirit is saying to our church, expand our faith and our knowledge, walk with us as we practice what we claim to know and believe, and share with us the adventure of life lived abundantly.