Music In Worship

Music is powerful. It can make or break almost any experience. A song can transport you instantly to a significant moment in your life, and it can connect you to the people around you. The Bible is filled with songs, and communal singing has been an integral part of the Christian community since its beginning. We recognize the importance of music in worship as a way to tap into a deeper spiritual place when words alone are inadequate, and we welcome the energy that comes from singing and playing together.

There are several groups at the core of this mission. All are welcome to join and participate, as we provide worship music that ranges from contemporary arrangements of hymns and psalms to traditional choral anthems, spirituals, pop songs and world music. Our goal is to enhance the worship experience with joyful noise and prayerful reflection.

The Sanctuary Choir meets on selected Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings to prepare pieces for various services throughout the church year. The Handbell Choir meets Thursday evenings and plays in services about every other month.  The Youth Music program includes vocal and instrumental rehearsals for things like our Christmas pageant, Vacation Bible School, and silly parody videos.

Outside of established groups, there are plenty of opportunities for musical participation in the worship setting. We regularly include smaller vocal ensembles, a cappella groups, jazz musicians, vocal solos, organ music, hymn sings, original songs, and much more! We use music to compliment the scriptures and the message, and we don’t limit ourselves to any one style! Worship is central to who we are, and music is central to our worship. So come join us as we dedicate our voices and songs to the God of this people and this place.