Indigenous Ministry

Our church is part of the architectural ecology of the city of Burlington VT. We are gothic (kind of cool, actually). Burlington is old, moving through contemporary and well into post modern. We have an “Old North End Ramble”, a “South End Art Hop”, and lots of painting, writing, sculpting, dancing, music-making in the middle. You are as apt to find the poets in City Hall Park and Starbucks as you are in church. Our city vibrates with creative life and we love being in its midst.


We are believers in place – loving the God who is everywhere, serving the Christ in our neighbors here. One of Jesus’ promises was that he would be present – “I’m with you, even to the end of the age.” Grace and creative energy flow in and through our community. We see the beauty and creativity of Jesus’ promise bubbling up and bursting forth around the corner of every Burlington street. As this is where we are, we seek to be a ministry that both draws from and gives life to the community in which we find ourselves.