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Still Surprised?

In a wonderful book called “The Black Swan”, Nassim Nicholas Taleb makes some strong statements. He challenges us to consider exactly how smart we are; and what is it that makes us think we are “smart”? Though he doesn’t explicitly quote him, he reminds me of the line in the Paul Simon song: It’s just imagination they lack. Everything’s the same back in my little town.“ “Living on the planet today,” writes Taleb, “requires a lot more imagination that we are made to have.” We continue to be surprised, he writes, because we have no affinity for the outliers in…

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Tracking Toward Inclusivity

For all the conferences, meetings, councils and pronouncements held, conducted, met and proclaimed over the centuries out of the people who call themselves “Christians”, perhaps none was more fraught with peril, more fragile, more foundational to the identity of this “peculiar people” than the one recorded in the 15th Chapter of the Book of Acts. The Conflict: Circumcision. Some were teaching the Jesus-believers they had to be circumcised – the Jewish and Gentile believers alike – in order to be saved. They were absolutely correct. Genesis 17 is unequivocal in this God-ordained, God-proclaimed command – not only for the descendants…

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